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Get relief from severe and moderate pain with the consumption of Tramadol 100mg.

What is Tramadol 100mg?

Tramadol is sold under many brand names including Ryzolt, ConZip, Ultram, Rybix, and FusePaqSynapryn. All of these are narcotic pain drugs. Tramadol is taken to moderate down the severe pain. It will be working as soon within one hour after you take this medicine.

Origin of Tramadol

When comparing tramadol with other prescriptions and drugs, it is quite young. Tramadol is made by a drug organization of Germany that already has expertise in treating moderate to severe pain in 1962. Before being conveyed and endorsed tramadol for other markets it is tried for a long time under different brand names in Germany. No need to say that it brought up lots of recognition for the organization.

Today tramadol is one of the first recommendations to treat pain and quite popular in the USA. Most of the people are aware of its benefits and power and because of it, people want to have tramadol without prescription.

Difference Between Generic and Branded Tramadol

Tramadol is a generic drug while Ultram is its brand name. Still, there is no difference as it is widely said that branded medications are way more compelling and act faster in comparison to generic ones.

Talking about the generic medicines then organizations or companies generally don’t put their stakes for the betterment of the medicine. Now when it comes to branded drugs then organizations do everything to promote and sell their medicines. This is the reason why Ultram comes with a higher price tag in comparison to tramadol.

Tramadol falls under the opioid pain reliever. On the other side the branded tramadol, Ultram is a quick discharge pill. Ultram is sold as complete pain management while tramadol demonstrated as a medicine to cure moderate to severe pain.

Tramadol 100mg dosage is Addictive

Even if you have a prescription knows that tramadol is highly addictive. If you have a low will power then you may abuse it. We strongly recommend you to take tramadol as per your prescription strictly. Tramadol is generally suggested for two to three weeks. If you don’t feel any change meanwhile then immediately consult your doctor and share your problem. Just don’t try to increase your dosage yourself.

If you feel that you have an urge to taking more pills then again contact your doctor. Now there is also a case when you can’t simply stop taking the tramadol as it can cause some severe withdrawal symptoms. Consult your doctor to get the right way to stop your medicine.

Tramadol 100mg Capsules Withdrawal Symptoms

Early tramadol withdrawal symptoms include runny nose, tearing up, muscle and body ache, anxiety, agitation, hypertension, fast breathing, racing heart rate, restlessness, trouble speaking, insomnia, yawning, or sweating.

Late tramadol withdrawal symptoms include chills and goosebumps, depersonalization, drug craving, difficulties concentrating or thinking clearly, loss of appetite, diarrhea, depression, irritability, pupil dilation, vomiting, stomach pain or cramping.

Tramadol Interactions with Other Drugs

Some drugs will affect how tramadol works and because of it, you may face a problem. If you are taking any of drug that interacts with tramadol then don’t mix it. The name of few drugs that interact with tramadol includes Coumadin, nizoral, erythromycin, lithobid, oxidase, Isocarboxazid, nardil, SNRIs, pristiq, Cymbalta, SSRIs, celexa, Prozac, sarafem, Lanoxin, paxil, rifampin, flexeril, equetro, frova to name a few

The list is incomplete so make sure to consult your doctor first in case you are taking any other medicine. Don’t hide anything.

How to Take Tramadol 100mg pill?

Before getting started, make a note that doesn’t take below instructions as prescriptions. The information provided below is just for knowledge purpose. The dose or amount can vary depends on your medical conditions, your age, the seriousness of your pain, and other factors.

Your doctor will likely to get started with 25 mg each morning.

If required it can be stretched to 50 mg every three days.

The dose should not go above 400 mg per day.

People with a liver problem should not take above 100 mg per day.

People with kidney problems should not take above 200 mg.

People older than 75 should not take above 200 mg.

Note: In case you have abused the drug and feel any of the symptoms mentioned above, immediately call for a medical emergency as soon as possible.

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